Packing for Korea – the second trip

What to bring?

Fitting everything in is a tough process.


I’ve packed for a year before so it should be simple to do it again, right? Hardly. It’s a process of weeding things I want to take out in favour of things I need to take. At least I have the knowledge of what I can get in Korea or how to get what I want if Korea doesn’t have it.


I’m a big sized woman but I fit 250 sized shoes. This means I can’t find clothes but I can often find women’s shoes. 250 is about a size 8 American and is normally the maximum size that women’s shoes go up to in regular stores. Bigger sizes might be available but not always. Itaewon in Seoul stocks larger sized shoes and clothing. I’ve never been impressed by the styles or the limited variety of clothes in larger sizes in Itaewon. This means I need to bring a sufficient amount of clothing for all four seasons.


Clothing I bring:

Dress pants for work

Blouses and polo shirts

Skirts and dresses

Camisoles to cover exposed shoulders

Sweaters, jackets and other warm pieces

T-shirts and tank tops for warm days or layering

Jeans, shorts and Capri pants for casual days or activities besides work.

Bras – because finding anything above a C cup is frustratingly near impossible



Because I can find shoes in Korea I’ll pack a few well-loved boots or dress shoes but I won’t overload my suitcase with anything cheap or not immediately necessary.


Other things to pack:


Deodorant – can be bought in Korea but sometimes tricky to find if you like a specific brand. The prices are much higher in Korea and the selection is limited.


Enough toiletries for a week or for the duration of orientation. – I actually don’t mind Korean toothpaste and there are western brands with fluoride available in larger stores like Homeplus. Soaps, Shampoos and body lotions are abundant with several western brands. Save space and only pack toiletries you’ll need for a week or so.

Hand sanitizer – Not necessary per se~ but I find I enjoy scented hand sanitizer in a special clip on travel bottles.

Trinkets or comfort foods from home – I like  brown sugar dinosaur egg oatmeal on a bad day a bowl can really cheer me up. I don’t like Kraft Dinner but I’ve been told it’s easier to pack the cheese packets only and use the pasta in Korea.


There are other items that should be packed of course. Laptops, a couple books, maybe a board game, passport and other documents but I figure they’re rather obvious items to pack.


Take a look at Simon and Martina’s video and blog for more details and ideas. The video goes over certain things to bring to Korea.

Well, time to get back to packing. Maybe I’ll post about what I end up bringing once I’ve gotten settled in Korea!




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